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What is Atomic Programming?

Atoms are interoperable bits of code, connected by a standard contract, for adaptable systems with all the benefits of composability and reuse.
Just like in the universe everything is made of atoms, all our software is composed from durable Atoms and dynamic compounds of Atoms.

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Atoms are built with bog-standard JavaScript and are IDE, platform, and device agnostic.
Atoms, compounds and experiences can be published anywhere, promoting democratization of software.

Introducing Xenon

Framework governing data-flow through Atoms to ensure federated execution and user data sovereignty.
Ecosystem of high-fidelity experiences assembled from pre-made Atoms and compounds.
Environment for crafting new reusable customizable components to utilize and share


Prototype an experiment, or build a production ready customer facing product by composing modular reusable components.

Leverage 3rd party developers' work, and contribute yours into the open ecosystem.

Atoms and compounds are connectable by data-flow contract.

Embracing AI

Pluggable AI-based Atoms bring artificial intelligence to traditional enterprise and consumer software systems amplifying future-proofed readiness.

Atoms leverage AI to realize modern augmented media and reality interfaces. The AI-driven framework leverages LLMs for code generation and composability of innovative experiences.

No-code / Low-code / Full stack

Depending on your needs and coding proficiency, you can use visual programming and leverage the existing ecosystem and AI-driven composition, or implement your own business logic.

Adaptability and Interoperability

Assemble software from scratch, or enrich and expand your existing project with Atom compounds.

Every component is adaptable and interoperable, and the assembled experiences span across device and app boundaries.

Future embracing

Xenon is naturally evolving, memory-foam software that morphs according to your changing needs.

It is future compatible, and adapts new technologies and capabilities as they become available.

Open framework and ecosystem

Every Atom is a vanilla Javascript, with no interdependencies, and can be used independently of the framework.The framework is open by the very nature of its architecture.

The open ecosystem features an emerging collection of off-the-shelf components, and is extendable with custom components.

Seamless deployment

Every Xenon experience can run in a webpage, as a custom element, an extension, a mobile app or as a serverless function.

No installation or deployment steps are ever required. Create a new experience in our web-based IDE, and immediately access anywhere and share with others.

Secure and privacy preserving

Every Atomic component can be executed in isolation.

Atomic software implements the "code comes to data" paradigm, and the data-flow is governed and analyzed by the framework, so that privacy policies can be enforced.

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