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Building software for Humans, Technology, and for the Future

Our Mission

Restore human sovereignty and agency in the digital reality, by ensuring that individuals retain control over their data and actions in software interactions.

Accelerate and democratize technology development to a wide range of creators, from beginners to experts.

Foster innovation by incorporating the latest scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies like AI through modular and adaptive architecture.

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Our Values

In the era of rapid innovation, it is impossible to know the right destination for technology. We focus on core principles, regularly revisit and adjust our path. Our values are ingrained in the architecture of our software.

We believe that users should not need to choose between features and data privacy, and our Atomic software evolves per the individual user's need, while preserving user privacy.

We believe in openness and integrity, and our software is open-source and collaborative for developers as well as end users.

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Our Story

Atom54 was founded by a group of thinkers, enthusiasts and builders. We are driven by engineering excellence, no quality compromises or tech debt. We develop future compatible technology, we work fast and efficiently, and are constantly factoring, iterating, and improving. We use our own technology for all the software that we build.

We are old enough to have witnessed the rise of personal computing, the web and the mobile, experienced enough to know how fundamental architectural decisions were made and to question all the assumptions, and professional enough to propose better solutions and build them.

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